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Auditing service

Audit of financial report

We will assess your internal financial controls to result in better planning for the future of your business.

Our focus is on understanding the important transaction cycles affecting your business.

We employ the most advanced auditing techniques to assist in analyzing the components of your financial statements

Whatever the size of company, wherever you operate in the world, we tailor our service to your immediate and longer term needs. We believe in continual renewal in the field of audit technology, and our goal is to provide the same level of service to satisfy your needs. Provision of statutory audit services for clients requiring an audit under the Corporations Law or other relevant legislation. Our audit approach is risk based; however, this approach is not used to avoid conducting appropriate audit procedures. Rather, we gain a through understanding of your business to focus audit procedures where risk is the greatest. As no clients are excluded from this process and all our auditors use the same audit approach, we are able to deliver a highly effective audit efficiently

We can prepare reports to comply make Thai, us as International GAAP as regard by client needs

Special Requirement Audits

Provision of audit services for organizations with special reporting requirements. for example:

  • Associations Chambers of Commerce
  • Non Government Organizations
  • Representation Offers
  • Joint Venture

Internal Audits

Provision of an internal audit function, either on a one-off or recurring basis, for organizations of all types.


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